Every member is obliged to read and comply with the regulation.
disqualification and removal from competition.
1. All pizza makers over the age of 16 can participate, for minors consent written by their parents.
2. Competitors must wear the uniform provided by the organization in all areas interested in the Championship.
3. Each competitor will use their own products and tools, which are necessary to prepare the competition.
The competition will take place on wood-burning ovens and electric ovens. Each competitor will be free to decide what type of operation it intends to adopt.
4. The judges will award a score ranging from 30 to 100 points. The votes of the judges will be added and the total will determine the position in the ranking. The jury's verdict is inadmissible, the jury is composed of 2 judges, 1 taste, 1 firing, the technical vote will be decreed through a form with multiple choice questions.
5. The organisation reserves all advertising rights of competitors. the use of all the photographic material and anything else related to the event without any duty to the participants.
6. All the winning competitors who will be called to take the stage, are obliged to wear the race uniform received by the organization.
7. To win the Super Champion title, all battery scores you participated in will be added up. Participants enrolled in a minimum of 7 race batteries will be counted in the race. Race batteries: For Honor, Acrobatic Pizzaiuolo Free Style, Pizza Larga, 120 seconds, Golden Spaghetti will not be added up for the Super Champion title.
8. The maximum preparation time of drafting and cooking is 10 minutes, after this time will be deducted 20 points from the final evaluation.
9. Inside the tender building there will be figures called JUDJE, who will monitor the on-site behaviour of the racers by reporting any inflation or unfair behaviour. The disqualification or penalty will be applied directly and the verdict is unappellable.
10. In the competition areas it is forbidden to photograph or be photographed subject to disqualification from competition, it is forbidden to use mobile phones during competition by the competition.
11. Unauthorised escorts and family members are prohibited from entering the race areas.
12. Those who need the escort or race assistant will have to register him as an escort, costing a total of 30.00 euros by withdrawing accompanying kits and secretarial passes.
13. In the case of unauthorised escorts in support of the competitors in the race areas, the competitor will be disqualified from the race battery in which he is participating.
14. The competition areas must be left in order by the same competitor after the performance and preparation.
15. The Spaghetto D'Oro battery is not part of the pizza World Cup's generic inscription. Golden Spaghetti has a cost of .120.00 for the single battery. The Golden Spaghetti vote is not in the Super Champion's score.

Each member is obliged to comply with the
below, subject to disqualification from the competition.
Margherita Doc: making a pizza made with tomato, mozzarella, basil and oil
Calzone Doc: making a calzone with fancy ingredients of the pizza maker
Gluten-free pizza: making a pizza made from gluten-free flour, the theme of the pizza maker's fantasy ingredients
Flavours of the South: making a pizza based on ingredients and recipes typical of Southern Italy
Innovative Pizza: the name makes the idea, amaze the jury with innovation of ingredients
Pizza Dessert: making a sweet pizza, a free-themed dessert pizza, obligation to realize on-site the composition of the product to be presented to the jury.
Pizza in a baking space: making a free-themed baking space
Pizza on the shovel: making a free-themed pizza
Pizza Fried: making a free-themed pizza or fried calzone
Marinara: making a Marinara, tomato, garlic, oregano and oil
Saltimbocca: make a saltimbocca sandwich with pizza dough, free ingredients
Alternative dough: this race battery is open to all types of dough, you will have to surprise the jury with the best combination of alternative dough and ingredients.
Pizza Larga: enlarge as much as possible a 1000g loaf in 5 minutes time
Out in 120 seconds: Prepare a daisy in a maximum time of 120 seconds. 28 cm diameter, seasoning and cooking. the dough and ingredients will be given by the organization.
will win the pizzaiuolo that in the shortest time will present the product.
In case of holes or breakage, the product will not be evaluated
If the pizza burns, the product will not be evaluated
In the case of a smaller diameter, every centimeter missing from the 28 minimum required will be added 5 seconds to your final time
If you forget a seasoning, 5 seconds will be added to your final time
Pizzaiuolo Acrobatic Free Style: acrobatic race set very much on technique, the acrobaric pizzaiuolo will have only 4 pens of the size of your choice. The jury will evaluate the technique of the vaulting of the disc and the touch. The whole thing will have to be combined with a music and a possible set design.
Penalty for touching the puck with your feet
Pizza For Honor: an epic battle, a two-way elimination battle to the final. You will have to spread 15 pizzas in the shortest possible time with the minimum diameter of 28 cm. Only healthy pizzas will be taken into account, no holes are allowed. 
Before the battle there will be the possibility to choose a personal enhancement or damage to the opponent who will move this challenge with pizza shots. Improvements or damages will be communicated on site prior to the challenge
Reach the final by eliminating your challengers challenge after challenge
The dough is provided by the organization

Pizza focaccia: prepare a pizza based on focaccia with free theme of matching ingredients
Golden Spaghetti: In this year you will have to prepare a fancy spaghetti. Each competitor will have to bring ingredients and utensils for the realization of the dish.

Pizza World Cup and 2019 Tuesday and Wednesday 9-10 October 2019


TUESDAY 08/10/2019

10.00 opening INFOPOINT
10.00 opening area 5 Seasons World Foods for selection Mix Farines and ingredients for battery ALTERNATIVE IMPASTO
11.00 start of the RACE PIZZA DESSERT (wood oven area or electric oven area immediate award)
12.00 start of the race SPAGHETTO D'ORO (immediate award kitchen area)
13.00start race PIZZA NO GLUTINE (wood oven area or electric oven area immediate award)
15.00 start race PIZZA IN TEGLIA (immediate awarding electric oven area)
16.00 start of race PIZZA MARINARA (immediate wood oven area awarding)
17.00 start race PIZZA METRO/PALA (electric oven area or wood immediate award)
18.30 start of race PIZZA LARGA (immediate award show area)
19.30 start of the race ACROBATICA PIZZAIUOLO FREE STYLE (immediate award show area)


WEDNESDAY 09/10/2019
09.00 opening INFOPOINT
10.00 start of the race PIZZA FRITTA (immediate award kitchen area)
10.30 start of the race PIZZA INNOVATIVE (wood oven area or electric oven area immediate award)
11.30 start of the Focaccia race
12.30 start race PIZZA MARGHERITA (electric oven area or wood oven area immediate awarding)
13.00 start of SALTIMBOCCA race (electric oven area or wood oven area immediate award)
14.30 start of race SAPORI OF SOUTH (wood oven area or electric oven area immediate award)
15.30 CALZONE DOC race start (wood oven area or electric oven area immediate award)
16.00 start of the race IMPASTO ALTERNATIVE (wood oven area or electric oven area immediate award)
18.00 FUORI IN 120 SECONDS (immediate wood oven area)
19.00 start of race FOR HONOR (immediate awards show area)