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21esima ED.


Each entrant is obligated to read and abide by the regulations below, under penalty of disqualification and removal from the competition.


The Trophy/Cup event is organized by UPTeR in collaboration with the Pizza Style School.

  1. The 21th edition of the Pizza World Cup will be held on October 3-4-5, 2023, at Pomezia Rome , Sale Congressi SHG ANTONELLA.


1.1 The competition is open to all pizza makers/members of any trade association. You may participate as a freelance or representing your business. You must be at least 16 years old; for a minor, the presence of a guardian or responsible person is mandatory.


2.1 Competition registration is in two ways: online at, for info contact via WhatsApp the number +39/3883994966. Registration will be open from the date officially stated on the site from 9:00 am until all available places are filled.

2.2 Registration will be considered valid only if it is complete with the following mandatory requirements: personal data, email and phone contact, billing information if required, list of competitions in which you wish to participate, and payment of the registration fee.

IBAN:  IT54V0538738890000003918335 

payable to MS ACADEMY SRLS

reason for payment: "PWC EVENT - participant's first and last name."

2.3 Those who need a competition partner or assistant must register him/her as a participant partner at a cost of €30 and collect the assistant partner kit and pass at the Reception Desk.

2.4 Competition costs: registration is €197 including 2 rounds; each additional round costs €90;

       Competition Accompanying "Assistant" cost €30;

       Spaghetto D'Oro Registration Cost 140€.

2.5 All participants of the gastronomic competitions must arrive at 9:00 a.m. on the day of their competition and pick up their Pass and competition kit at the Reception Desk.

2.6 In case of failure to participate, the registration fee will be refunded only if the Organization is notified at least 30 days before the start of the event.


3.1 It is mandatory to compete in the event wearing the competition uniform delivered by the organizing body: headgear, t-shirt, apron. Please, wear appropriate personal trousers and footwear. It is also mandatory that you do not wear jewellery, bracelets, rings, and watches.


3.2 In the competition area, competitors may wear only the event uniform. On penalty of disqualification from the competition event.

3.3 During the competition there will be the presence of a supervisor, the Judje (judge), who will check that the rules are complied with, and, in case of violation of the same, the following penalties will be applied cumulatively in the final judgment:

3.3.1 Absence of headgear: - 10 points

3.3.2 Incomplete/poor cleanliness of uniform: - 10 points

3.3.3 Presence of necklaces/bracelets/watches/rings: - 10 points

3.3.4 Use of a phone in the competition area: -50 points

3.4 Only competitors wearing the race kit uniform provided by the organization will be allowed on the ceremony stage.


4.1 The theme of the gastronomic competitions is "Pizza."

4.2 Each contestant will use his/her own supplies and utensils in the preparation of his/her Pizza.

4.3 The organization will provide pizza shovels and ovens.

4.4 An area will be set up for the production and storage of doughs. The custody of one's dough will, at all times, be the sole responsibility of the contestant himself/herself. The dough area will be available to competitors during competition days.

4.5 A Championship official will supervise to ensure that each competitor, after the competition is over, diligently removes all his or her tools, ingredients, and anything else personal from the preparation room and thoroughly cleans the space used. Those who fail to comply with this will be disqualified without appeal.

4.6 During the competition, the competitor will occupy his or her assigned station by the oven and will not move until his or her pizza is ready.

4.7 At the Judge's start at the Oven, the pizza maker will prepare a single pizza, cook it, and display it to the Jury on its own plate or presentation stand within a maximum time as per category specifications. The pizza will be given to the Jury to taste exclusively on the Organization's plates.

4.8 Should the competitor overrun from the competition times stipulated for each food category, the following penalties will be applied:

4.8.1 Overrun from 1 to 3 minutes: - 25 points;

4.8.2 Overrun from 3 to 6 minutes: - 50 points;

4.8.3 Overrun from 6 minutes and over: - 100 points;

4.9 The pizza must be presented to the Jury directly by the contestants; any helpers may not speak to the Jury. It will be possible to accompany the pizza with an appropriate beverage, but it will be strictly forbidden to insert utensils, plates, cutlery, and anything else to prepare the Jury tables. It will be strictly forbidden to offer gifts and souvenirs to the Jury, under penalty of disqualification.


5.1 Classic Pizza:

5.1.1 The "Classic Pizza" competition will be held on electric or wood/gas ovens.

5.1.2 The maximum competition time for this category is 12 minutes.

5.1.3 The pizza must have a round shape and be baked in the oven.

5.2 Pizza in Teglia/Tray Pizza:

5.2.1 The "Pizza in Teglia/Tray Pizza" competition will be held on electric ovens.

5.2.2 The maximum competition time for this category is 30 minutes.

5.2.3 It will be prohibited to use precooked doughs except as specified below. If necessary, pre-cooking may be done prior to the competition, subject to agreement with the judges.

5.4 Pizza Dessert:

5.4.1 The "Pizza Dessert" competition will be held on electric or wood/gas ovens.

5.4.2 The maximum competition time for this category is 15 minutes.

5.4.3 The pizza preparation must be made directly in the competition.

5.5 Innovative/Contemporanea Pizza:

5.5.1 The "Innovative Pizza " competition will be held on electric, wood/gas ovens.

5.5.2 The maximum competition time for this category is 15 minutes.

5.5.3 The evaluation criteria for the innovative category are: ingredients, dough, and innovative style presentation.

5.6 Pizza Shovel/Metro:

5.6.1 The "Pizza Shovel/Metro " competition will be held on electric, wood/gas ovens.

5.6.2 The maximum competition time for this category is 25 minutes.

5.7 Gluten Free Pizza:

5.7.1 The maximum competition time for this category is 15 minutes.

5.7.3 The pizza must have a round shape and be baked in the oven.

5.7.4 All pizza ingredients must be strictly gluten-free. The Organization will check the suitability of the dough products by verifying the presence of the words "gluten-free" on the label. Regarding the topping, both in the case of previously prepared and at the competition prepared mixtures, it will be necessary to provide labels of all ingredients with the indication "gluten-free" at the inspection. It is also recommended that the prescribed hygienic regulations be observed to avoid possible contamination during the preparation and/or transportation of such foods. Foreign Participants must display the label in accordance with international regulations for gluten-free products. Each participant is required to bring any equipment he or she may need.

5.8 Roman pizza ​

5.8.1 The competition will take place on electric wood/gas ovens. ​

5.8.2 both manual and rolling pin applications are accepted ​

5.8.3 the maximum competition time is 12 minutes.

5.9 Neapolitan  Pizza:

5.9.1 The classic Neapolitan  pizza 

5.9.2 The competition will be held on wood/gas ovens.

5.9.3 The maximum time is 10 minutes.

5.9.4 the diameter must not exceed 33cm

5.9.5 the pizza cornice maximum height 3cm

5.9.6 the Neapolitan Pizza must be soft and fragrant drawn by hand

5.9.7 cooking with a wood oven about 60/90 seconds

5.10 Pizza Street Food

5.10.1 the maximum preparation time is 12 minutes ​

5.10.2 the competition will take place on ovens and wood/gas ​

5.10.3 you will have to present a trio of 20/23 diameter pizzas representing your Street Food proposal

5.11.Ancient Flavors ​

5.11.1 the maximum preparation time is 15 minutes ​

5.11.2 the competition will take place on electric and wood/gas ovens ​

5.11.3 ancient grains and condiments that recall popular traditions must be used, research according to the pizza chef's imagination, documented and handed over to the jury.

5.12. Focaccia/Padellino:

5.12.1 The maximum preparation time is 15 minutes.

5.12.2 The contest will be held on electric and wood/gas ovens.

5.12.3 The seasoning will be used post-baking of focaccia; you can submit either focaccia cooked directly on refractory brick or focaccia cooked in Padellino pan.

5.13. Fried:

5.13.1 The maximum preparation time is 12 minutes.

5.13.2 The competition will be held on fryer provided by the organization.

5.13.3 Theme-free ingredients.

5.14. Calzone:

5.14.1 The maximum preparation time is 12 minutes.

5.14.2 The competition will be held on electric and wood/gas ovens.

5.14.3 Free condiment choice.

5.15 Pizza Influencer:

5.15.1 The maximum preparation time is 12 minutes.

5.15.2 The competition will be held on electric and wood/gas ovens.

5.15.3 Free topping choice

5.15.4 The photos with the contestant's name and number will be uploaded to the official Facebook page Pizza World Cup. From the simultaneous uploading of all competing pizzas, voting will start via likes under the competing photos. At 09.00 a.m. of the following day, the votes will be closed and the likes belonging to each contestant will be registered. To win the round, the likes plus the judges' votes plus the technical vote will be added up (only the judges' votes plus the technical vote will be considered for the super champion's score).

5.17 Free Style Video:

5.17.1 Competition judged on Video. Contestant must send a video to by Sept. 15, 2022, with a minimum duration of 1.30 minutes and maximum duration of 03.00 minutes.

5.17.2 The following will be evaluated: acrobatic skill, set design, outfit, video editing and creative idea.

5.17.3 The dough must be used during filming. The use of silicone/rubber pizza is prohibited.

5.17.4 Videos will be screened on competition days for final evaluation and award ceremony.


5.18 Nations Team ​

5.18.1 the maximum preparation time is 20 minutes ​

5.18.2 the tender will take place on wood/gas, electric and fryer ovens ​

5.18.3 the team will have to present 3 variants of pizzas in the 3 types of cooking, with a binding ingredient chosen by the team for all three pizzas that will be presented. The Team's ability will be to complete each other in the 3 variants by enhancing the same binding product presented in 3 different keys. ​

5.18.4  the three participants will start the race at the same time ​

5.18.5 the cumulative scores of the 3 presentations will become the team vote

5.19 For Honor:

5.19.1 Elimination challenge on doughs provided by the organization, passing the round leads to advancing to the finals.

5.18.2 During the challenge you can use improvements or receive penalties.

5.18.3 The rolled-out pizza must cover the backing plate, pierced backed pizzas will receive a 10 sec. penalty.

5.18.4 The amount of pizza to be rolled out will be announced by the organization before the challenge begins.

5.21 Spaghetto d'oro (golden spaghetti):

5.21.1 The contestant shall prepare a free theme spaghetto.

5.21.2 The organization will provide induction plate with double station, one for the kettle and one for the condiment.

5.21.3 Taste, cooking, and pairing will be evaluated by the judges.

5.21.4 The entry fee for the "Spaghetto d'oro" is €140.


6.1 The pizzas will be judged by a qualified Jury.

6.2 The Jury at the table, in charge of tasting, will consist of two qualified judges each of whom will award a double score ranging from 30 to 100 for TASTE and COOKING qualities respectively.

6.3 The technical score will be assigned through 5 multiple choice questions, each correct answer equals 20 points.

6.4 The judgment of the Jury is final and unappealable. No appeals by video evidence or any other means are allowed. Any complaints may be forwarded to the Championship Organization by written communication beginning the day after the close of the event and no later than 10 days after the end of the event. Acceptance of the complaint does not entail a review of the jury's judgment.

6.5 Standings and scores will be posted online at within 7 working days post-event.


7.1 By signing this regulation, there is a commitment to diligent behaviour that complies with current legal regulations, as well as compliance with the basic Ethical Principles of the Traditional Pizzaiuoli and Restaurateurs Union.


8.1 The Organization reserves the right and indefinite use of the photographic material, video and any form of image and publicity related to the event concerning the participants of the competition, accompanying persons, guests and others present at the event, without charge or obligation to them.

8.2 The winning contestants for each individual category, shall give availability of free participation in an event at the request of the Organization in Italy or abroad following the Championship.

8.3 The Pizza which is not used for jury tasting shall remain at the disposal of the competitor. In case it is not used by the competitor it may be made available for tastings to the present public.

8.4 The Organization reserves the right to make any changes for the purpose of improving the execution of the event itself.

8.5 Unauthorized attendants and family members are forbidden to enter the competition areas.

8.6 In case of unauthorized attendants supporting the competitors in the competition areas, the competitor will be disqualified from the competition round in which he/she is participating.

8.7 The use of telephones and taking photos and videos is prohibited in the competition area, under penalty of disqualification.


9.1 The title of Super Champion will be awarded to the Contestant who has achieved the highest score in the accumulation of the rounds in which he/she participated. It should be noted that for the "pizza influencer" - for the purpose of Super Champion count - the Facebook page likes will not be considered. Only the judges' vote + technical vote will count. Excluded from the Super Champion calculation are the competitions: For Honor, Nations Team, Spaghetto D'Oro, Free Style Video.


10.1 The best foreign competitor will be given an award for the great professionalism and excellence shown in the competition through the calculation of the rounds in which he/she participated. Only competitors from outside Italy will be put on the list.


11.1 The best Italian competitor will be given an award for the great professionalism and excellence shown in the competition through the calculation of the rounds in which he/she participated. Only competitors from Italy will be put on the list.


12.1 The best Italian or foreign competitor in the Female category will be given an award for the great professionalism and excellence shown in the competition through the calculation of the rounds in which she participated. Only female competitors from Italy or from abroad will be put on the list.



13.1 The organization will hold on October 5, 2023, a day dedicated only to the PWC 2023 first place winners, where will be carried out:

- Pizza World Cup 365 stages organization (Post World Cup Events Organized for Winners year 2023/2024).

- Storytelling about each winner.

- Photo and Video Promo in a professional Photographic studio in Rome.

- Tour across Rome by special vehicles, including Photos and Videos in the city’s most attractive places.

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